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The Final Nervous Center Festival of Electronic Music

After seven years of hosting experimental Chicago's best,
The Nervous Center is closing its doors for good. 

        The end of February marks the last EVER
        Nervous Center Festival of Electronic Music

Craque will be joined by visiting Londoner Vivienne Corringham and 
Chicagoan Carol Genetti to help send off one of our treasured basements 
of creak-a-rific improvised music:

        Wednesday, Feb. 27, 9pm
        The Nervous Center
        4612 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
        with /  Craque (samplers and electronics)
             /  Viv Corringham (voice)
             /  Carol Genetti (voice)

"Staklo" will also be performing on Wednesday.

Also check out the new minimal breakbeat track on http://craque.net - 

Hope to see you at the Festival...

(aka Craque)