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Re: Loopstock camping and paranoid phantasies

Hi Stephen-

I think the Madonna Inn may have campsites.

If you want to caravan post-show, it's a straight shot of about 3 miles
from my house to Montana de Oro campground.

Or you could always just pick a street near the venue.  SLO is a college
town, after all....


P.S. Good luck on the gear-lust thing.

Stephen wrote:
> I'll be driving down to LoopStock Sat morning in my
> trusty VW camper, and looking for a camp site close to
> the venue.  Montana de Oro is beautiful and about 15
> miles away...searching the web I don't find anything
> closer.  Anyone know of a place to camp closer to the
> venue? -  nothing fancy, just that a shorter
> post-midnight drive would be nice.  I'm self
> contained, and basically just need a place to park.
> Paranoid Phantasy - OK, I've almost finished tearing
> down and rebuilding my 2 (full) racks with the
> patchbay, EDP, Repeater, etc....But after inspecting
> all this sexy equipment converging in SLO, I pray the
> nearly-vanquished-gear-lust-voices-in-me-head won't
> start haunting me again ;-)
> stephen
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