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Re: Muting Repeater & Echoplex Simultaneously

At 08:26 AM 2/26/2002, plain jane wrote:

>My thought is to control the Echoplex by midi and to send it control or 
>program changes through the

the echoplex doesn't use program changes to control its functions, so make 
sure you are not sending those to it. It uses either note on/off or 
continuous controllers.

>I ve also tried just hooking the midi wizard straight to the echoplex to 
>get it to mute via a control change. No luck there either, so I m doing 
>something wrong with the midi controls, any help is greatly appreciated.

make sure you have midi channel set right, and the echoplex ControlSource 
parameter set to use continuous controllers.

>I have tested the midi wizard as well and it send control changes fine to 
>the Repeater so it isn t the problem.

it could be. I don't know the rolls pedal well, but I always thought it 
lacking in some way such that it didn't work with the echoplex. What 
want is for it to send a continuous controller with some value when you 
press a switch down, and when you release the switch it should send the 
same controller with value 0. If it can't do that, then you may want to 
consider investing in a better pedal than the rolls.


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