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Re: new EDP question

Not that there's time, but do we need a session at Loopstock for not
entirely healthy EDPs? David will just have to fly out, I guess. ;-)

My problems:

* New unit (I've had it only a couple weeks): It really doesn't like the
Roland EV-5 as a feedback pedal. My old EDP works just fine with the same
pedal. The range was really wierd (to the point of not being usable) but it
didn't seem to have as much trouble with my Yamaha expression pedal. For
now, I've been driven to using my FC-200 to control my EDPs (a set up that
I'm trying to get attuned to before Loopstock).

* Old unit (purchased in 1998): I demonstrated last night that having a
little too much heat in the rack can result in really bad noises from the
EDP. The unit was sitting on top of a Korg AM8000R and my guess is that
there just wasn't enough airflow. I've rearranged my rack and I'm keeping 
fingers crossed, but I was muttering to myself last night as the problems
started that I must be cursed.