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plex repeater rig..

i'm going to do a few concerts with phil keaggy (i'll post details 
and i'm going to re-wire my rack. for the first time i'll have the option 
having both the repeater and the plex in the rack ( the plex just back from
the repair shop after almost a year there....)

anyone want to share their set-up using both?

i'm planning on going into the plex (post pedal board) and into the pcm-70,
then into the repeater using two stereo pairs of channels... into the two
tweed vibrolux amps....



My suggestion to you is to give me your virboluxe amps. But seriously, I
just did a set up consoltation for a looper friend and I routed his signal
like you are doing,with the exception that the master effect is the last
thing in the chain so you have flexability after the fact to change the
proccessing of your loops. Give it a shot.