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NY dealer question


in my ever continuing quest to find a machine that can
handle what i need...i have set my sights on the
repeater.  living in new york, i figured it would be
easy to find a store or dealer that i can go to to
sample out one of these machines and see if it can do
what i need, but after making calls to pretty much
every location in new york that carries the repeater,
the best i have found is a store in new rochelle that
i can look at the manual.  

does anyone know of any dealers in the new york area
that actually has one of these set up so that i can
scope out its capabilities?  or is there any kind soul
in new york who would like to show off their stuff and
demo a repeater to me?

the general reaction that i get when i ask about this
machine is that it has a hard drive and i'm assuming
that none of the dealers understand how it works.  i
bought a boss rc-20 that i am currently using, but if
the repeater does what i have heard it can do, then
i'd like to get rid of my rc-20 and get the repeater,
but i only have about a half of a month to do this
before i lose my 30 day money back garauntee on the

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