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Muting Repeater & Echoplex Simultaneously

I have owned an echoplex for about 6 months now and just added a Repeater to the family

a few weeks ago. I loop a lot of acoustic guitar, I use the repeater for percussive stuff (slapping,

tapping, what have you) and the echoplex for actual guitar “playing”.


In my current setup the Repeater is the master and the echoplex is synced to it. This works great!

But my dilemma is how to mute both Repeater and Echoplex simultaneously. I’m using a Rolls midi

Wizard to control the Repeater and I’m using the standard footpedal for the echoplex.


My thought is to control the Echoplex by midi and to send it control or program changes through the

Repeater from the midi wizard. I have tried this but to no avail. My source # on the echoplex is set to 36 which I assume would then make my Mute control number 36 + 6 = 42. So I tried this, no luck…

What am I doing wrong here?


Is it possible to control the Echoplex from the Repeater’s midi out or would the midi have to be directly hooked

to the Echoplex, this would be a problem for syncing since there is only one midi in on the echoplex and I’m using it for sync?


I’ve also tried just hooking the midi wizard straight to the echoplex to get it to mute via a control change. No luck there either, so I’m doing something wrong with the midi controls, any help is greatly appreciated.


I have tested the midi wizard as well and it send control changes fine to the Repeater so it isn’t the problem.

I’ve been in midi hell the last four days, please help!!!



Kevin McPeak