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Re: new EDP question

I wonder if your feedback pot could be to blame?  On my older Oberheim
EDP, it used to work perfectly, but now even if I turn the pot WAY down
it won't always decay, and when it does it's unpredictable.  I'm almost
sure it's a bad pot on mine.  If your pot has a manufacturing defect, it
might not be telling the machine to feedback 100%.

I believe an external feedback pedal should let you test this theory, or
for an even better test, you can probably just short a cable to the
feedback jack.


Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:

> artists@hazardfactor.com writes:
> >My EDP from '96 or so does this once in awhile too,
> >where 100% is really like 70%. Depends on the humidity, the planets, the
> >color of my shirt, whatever. Never found a cure.
> i dunno; seems strange to me.
> this is a 'new' unit, came here directly from gibson (ie, wasn't sitting 
> the backroom of a store since who-knows-when), made in the uk --- it's 
> that yer unit from 1996 has the selfsame virus, no?
> best,
> dt / splattercell