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Re: mac laptop set-up

i've had trouble with Phrazer too actually...

what i really need help with though is a set-up or arrangement for 
actually running a lig rig on the laptop, and how to "virtually wire" it 
in the software. for example, say you wanted to use Logic Audio for MIDI 
sequencing, and triggering samples, etc., and you wanted to be able to 
stop and start various bits at will. also, you wanted to send the audio 
output through effects (reverb, delay, etc.) and be able to modify the 
parameters of those easily live for improv purposes. also, you would 
have your sound sources of, aside from a few short samples, some soft 
synths like Absynth and maybe a virtual percussion instrument (perhaps 
VST). how can you best control all this for the live show? ReWire? do it 
all through LogicAudio? mb use Cubase, since Logic doesnt have much VST 


On Monday, February 25, 2002, at 07:46  PM, just john wrote:

>> hello,
>> i am thinking of getting an Apple iBook for live use as an instrument
>> (softsynth, sampler, looper/fx). i would like to focus as much as
>> possible on the iBook and have no external gear, since i am thinking of
>> traveling a lot with it. has anyone on the list done looping or live
>> electronic music with their mac laptop? what was the set-up, and do you
>> have any tips or feedback from the experience? i have lots of questions
>> about various things, such as how to route the signal internally and be
>> able to go through various effects, use different apps at once (VST
>> instruments, etc.), and mix it all into a pair of stereo outs. i've 
>> been
>> playing with apps like Absynth, ReCycle, Phrazer, 
>> Cubase/Logic/ProTools,
>> Reaktor, Koblo, various VST instruments and effects... i basically want
>> to be able to route whatever sampler or softsynth i am playing through
>> effects and also do some triggering and sequencing among the different
>> apps. i mostly do live improv so i prefer triggering different samples
>> manually to sequencing the whole thing, but i would be curious about
>> sequencing also.
>> anwyay, any relevant advice will be appreciated.
>> thanks,
>> jeff
> Well, cripes, you've already mentioned most of my bag of tricks, except
> Digital Perrformer and Max/MSP.  But I have those two on two different
> laptops.  On this one, I have DP and Bitheadz' Unity.  I've gotten 
> Phrazer
> to do one or two nice things, tho it is a DEEPLY flawed product.  I'm
> looking forward to radiaL.  Native Instruments has the freeware 
> Forumsynth,
> and jhno's Looper is dandy, even with the play-only version of Max/MSP.
> And for fun, search out Vocalwriter.
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