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Re: goin to cali for da fest

From: <Nemoguitt@aol.com>
Subject: goin to cali for da fest

>>>> and off to loopfest about 8-9am sat morn spend the nite in slo and
drive back to la sunday and return to pgh monday, ill be footloose and 
free and listening for that west coast sound!.....yee-hah.....look out n.y.
you're next.....i think i can grow to like this flyin for free stuff, they
will even take my sorry old ass to europe for free, how cool is
that?.....its a shame that i really hate flying and i never leave my house
accept to go to work, talk about your classic approach/avoidence
conflicts.....fun, fun, fun.....michael k aka :)mnm (the quintupeled chin

About one hour after I announced my schedule conflicts and backed out of
this show, I began to seriously regret it! This is gonna be one great
get-together. I wish you all the best and wish I could make it down. If
something falls through, I'm gonna jump and run to get there!

Miko B... aka 8-) mnm as well, but in reverse! (mikoNOTmichael)