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Re: mac laptop set-up

>i am thinking of getting an Apple iBook for live use as an instrument
>(softsynth, sampler, looper/fx). i would like to focus as much as
>possible on the iBook and have no external gear, since i am thinking of
>traveling a lot with it. has anyone on the list done looping or live
>electronic music with their mac laptop? what was the set-up, and do you
>have any tips or feedback from the experience? i have lots of questions
>about various things, such as how to route the signal internally and be
>able to go through various effects, use different apps at once (VST
>instruments, etc.), and mix it all into a pair of stereo outs. i've been
>playing with apps like Absynth, ReCycle, Phrazer, Cubase/Logic/ProTools,
>Reaktor, Koblo, various VST instruments and effects... i basically want
>to be able to route whatever sampler or softsynth i am playing through
>effects and also do some triggering and sequencing among the different
>apps. i mostly do live improv so i prefer triggering different samples
>manually to sequencing the whole thing, but i would be curious about
>sequencing also.
>anwyay, any relevant advice will be appreciated.

Well, cripes, you've already mentioned most of my bag of tricks, except
Digital Perrformer and Max/MSP.  But I have those two on two different
laptops.  On this one, I have DP and Bitheadz' Unity.  I've gotten Phrazer
to do one or two nice things, tho it is a DEEPLY flawed product.  I'm
looking forward to radiaL.  Native Instruments has the freeware Forumsynth,
and jhno's Looper is dandy, even with the play-only version of Max/MSP.

And for fun, search out Vocalwriter.
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