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Re: new EDP question

Hey there Hans,

> I just got a new Gibson EDP too, and the problem I have is that even
> with silence into the EDP (input disconnected), I get a hiss on the
> looped audio signal.  Anybody else have this problem?

I noticed this basic thing a week ago, while doing some dual EDP playing
with another user.  It was most obvious when the dry/wet balance was all
the way to the right (i.e. set to "loop audio only".)

Here's the thing: My unit is a 1995 Oberheim model, and my friend's unit
is a Gibson edition which he got about two years ago.  I only noticed it
because he happened to trigger an empty loop with his balance set to
loop only... and I've been using my EDP for six and a half years,
without ever having noticed it before.  

So my hunch is, it's a standard thing that's subtle enough to avoid
detection most of the time.  If you like, I can bring my EDP up to
Loopstock, and you can compare the hiss factor therein...

Lemme ask you this: do you notice any pronounced hiss when you fire up
an initial cycle with an audio signal running into the EDP?  Moreso than
you recall previously?