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Re: new EDP question

Sorry, I cant help you on this one, but...

I just got a new Gibson EDP too, and the problem I have is that even
with silence into the EDP (input disconnected), I get a hiss on the
looped audio signal.  Anybody else have this problem?

Also: if this is not normal, should I be able to send this back to my
dealer for an exchange, or do I have to stop gigging for as long as it
takes to come back from repair?


Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
> so:
> i've got a new EDP, w/the gibson brand-name upon it.
> problem:
> 100% feedback is *sometimes* 100%, sometimes way less than that ---
> i can't seem to figure out why:
> help?
> best,
> dt / splattercell