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No Subject

Question to all you repeater users with the Behringer 1010 footpedal. Im just useing the little digitech switch at present, mainly a space thing, hardly anymore room on the floor for more pedals.
My regular sounds are from a roland gp16 which has it own floor pedal (Fc100mkII).
Now question is:
 If I got the Behringer, could I use it for A) everything on the repeater AND  B) flick a switch/pedal and use it to select patches on the GP16 as well? cos if I got it I would want to throw out the FC100mkII, I aint sure I would but the Behringer pedal JUST for the repeater, I mean it WORKS right now, just have to use fingers on rack occasionally! (but to change tracks on repeater or goto next loop via the floor would be nice)
MArk Red