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Re: open loop NY very happening (was Re: good luck N.Y.)

> I actually had a great time yesterday. this was the first time i had
> out in over a year and long overdue for me. i plan on getting there
> next week. Both Tom and Stv were really cool and accomidating. I hope to
> to hear more of you next week. were/are you also playing there wed.?

I'll be there next week. We talked about Wed., but nothing solid.

> >There was also a fellow with a wig that
> >had hair that covered his entire head, including his face,
> >he played ebow gtr., rocky-yet a very electronic vibe. Who
> >was this head of hair? ;)
> man, he was alright. Citizen Peter or something along those lines. he was
> all sound on, very aggresive.

I wasn't dissing him! I just wanted to know who he was.
Pretty innovative wig...

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