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Re: open loop NY very happening (was Re: good luck N.Y.)

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From: David Beardsley <db@biink.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Saturday, February 23, 2002 8:38 PM
Subject: open loop NY very happening (was Re: good luck N.Y.)
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>From: <Nemoguitt@aol.com>
>> i hope the N.Y. loop event turns out to be a roaring success and that
it>> continues to grow.....:)m
>It was great. Six hours of almost continuous looping.
>I did two solo sets (microtonal guitar) where I was joined at the end
>by Tom Ritchford (overtone singing). Right before the end
>of the evening I joined with Tom, Pedro Felix (insane electric
>gtr.) and Lena Strayhorn (jaw harp) for a crazy dense jam.
>Pedro Felix brought a milk crate of eq. He's modded various
>pieces of equipment for switches. With a Steinberger
>in hand, he'll play a few chords and then touch a cable
>he's holding in his right hand and the whole sample will
>speed up a few octaves. He let's go of the tip of the cable,
>the loop stops, he plays another few riffs and then there's
>some more mayhem or electronic wierdness. When he started his
>set I thought he was just testing his eq - silly me!

David -
thanks. i always start when i play and keep messing around. I think Theresa
was the only person in the room who knew that about me anyway. the rack had
two delays, a fixed wah (III+) and boost pedal.
but i think i'll bring an edp next time to play some of my more, ehhumm,
legitimate looping sounds. but i will still be tweaking like a mo'fo.

I actually had a great time yesterday. this was the first time i had played
out in over a year and long overdue for me. i plan on getting there earlier
next week. Both Tom and Stv were really cool and accomidating. I hope to 
to hear more of you next week. were/are you also playing there wed.?

as to my performance, i was somewhere else, i'm usually a little more
coaxing when it comes to my sonic approach, but i was all jazzed up from 
chai and the talk with you, et al. I was just grinning and playing that it
really felt about a minute had only lapsed when i stepped down. for me
that's a good sign, so i was really happy to have some folks hear some of
the music i create.

>There was also a fellow with a wig that
>had hair that covered his entire head, including his face,
>he played ebow gtr., rocky-yet a very electronic vibe. Who
>was this head of hair? ;)

man, he was alright. Citizen Peter or something along those lines. he was
all sound on, very aggresive.

>It was also great to meet fellow LD members, including the legendary>Dr
T. - come back and join with us in looping next week in the Far

yeah sure was. Dr. T is really cool also, very down with sound.

>>I'll be back, folks were very nice and complementary about my
>microtonal gtr playing. I think I'll also bring my fretless gtr.,
>but not my POD. Maybe I'll drop kick it off of my balcony
>in the morning. Next week I'll be using a tube pre amp!
>* David Beardsley
>* http://biink.com
>* http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley

best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC - 2002