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Re: Lofi Lotech Lopriced Looper

Check out those voice recorder chips they have at Radio Shack or 
Digikey.  They will do 20 seconds, are fairly cheap, will run off a 
and are easy to integrate into a circuit (they come with a data sheet but 
you can also download it from 
http://www.winbond.com.tw/PDF/sheet/1400_1.pdf)  They also have a loop 
function and are SUPER low fi (like 8khz sampling rate or less).  On the 
other hand, they are also really cheap so what do you want?  Their 
lowfi-ness is also kind of part of their charm!

Good luck!

Lorren Stafford

At 11:33 PM 2/23/02 +0000, you wrote:
>I have been an LD observer for a while now and I would like to know if 
>anyone can help me out.
>I am a performing artist and am currently developing a project where I 
>require many (about 10) lofi, lotech and hopefully lowpriced loopers.
>Basically what Im after is a circuit that::
>*Samples a raw audio signal, of maximum 6 seconds, starting when the 
>signal commences and finishing when the signal stops.
>*Instantanious, continuous looping of this sample until another is 
>*A mute feature of some description. (ON/OFF/ON)
>*Low price.
>Each unit is going to be separated, so 1 stand alone product is not an 
>option as far as I can see. I have some experience building my own 
>electronic devices, so a reasonably easy schematic of a circuit for such 
>device would be OK.
>If anyone knows of a product or indeed can give ANY information about 
>I require, I would be eternally grateful.
>Sorry if any of the terminology is incorrect or confusing.
>Nathan Thompson
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