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RE: Roland V-drums/Echoplex Digi Pro ???

Got it! Thanks!!!!!!!

Ok, this IS cooler than solo Acoustic... 

  Neil Goldstein <ngold@attbi.com> wrote:

All right I'll give it a shot. (maybe if some of us 'laymen' can answer these queries rather than the developers, we'll get Loop 4 sooner :-)
On TD10 make sure sync in is enabled. And make sure you're in the mode where patterns are played.  Consult Roland manual under 'syncing to external clock'
EDP: Make sure Sync Out is set up. And set your #beats. Then when you create your loop, after you've pressed Record the 2nd time, clock should be sending to the TD10. Consult FAQ at http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/echoplex/FAQ3.html#midisync. The details of setting your EDP up is spelled out there.
The whole site, esp the FAQ, has a wealth of information. The above link is the page for midi sync stuff.

If still no luck:
Make sure no midi is being filtered, so midi clock from EDP goes into TD10.
Make sure midi OUT cable from EDP (not midi through) is going to TD10. 
Hope this helps.

Neil Goldstein
Portland, Oregon

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I'm using my EDP with a Boss JamStation. Works great. Both are Roland so this ought to work for you too!

I just hooked up my new EDP to my Roland V-drum brain exactly according to the instructions in the EDP manual. (Example 4.2 Syncing a drum machine or sequencer to the exhoplex)  Double checked it all... I hoped to get the echoplex to trigger a little 1 measure beat that I sequenced into my TD-10 Roland sound module brain, but they did'nt seem to hit it off like I had hoped!!! No communication.
Doug Miller
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