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open loop NY very happening (was Re: good luck N.Y.)

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From: <Nemoguitt@aol.com>

> i hope the N.Y. loop event turns out to be a roaring success and that it
> continues to grow.....:)m

It was great. Six hours of almost continuous looping.
I did two solo sets (microtonal guitar) where I was joined at the end
by Tom Ritchford (overtone singing). Right before the end
of the evening I joined with Tom, Pedro Felix (insane electric
gtr.) and Lena Strayhorn (jaw harp) for a crazy dense jam.

Mr. Ritchford mixed and looped almost constantly
through the whole afternoon and evening. Lena Strayhorn
had very expansive collection of Jaw Harps,
and perfomed quite a few duets with Tom, generating
some cool SE Asian grooves.

Pedro Felix brought a milk crate of eq. He's modded various
pieces of equipment for switches. With a Steinberger
in hand, he'll play a few chords and then touch a cable
he's holding in his right hand and the whole sample will
speed up a few octaves. He let's go of the tip of the cable,
the loop stops, he plays another few riffs and then there's
some more mayhem or electronic wierdness. When he started his
set I thought he was just testing his eq - silly me!

Chama owner stv jns (gtr)
performed some other worldly duets with Mr. Ritchford
and also chatted a bit about UFOs (one of the themes of this
coffee house, lots of cool art work on the walls).

There was also a fellow with a wig that
had hair that covered his entire head, including his face,
he played ebow gtr., rocky-yet a very electronic vibe. Who
was this head of hair? ;)

So, I'm pretty burnt out from the day and I know I left a
few people out [sorry 'bout that, maybe someone else can fill in the

It was also great to meet fellow LD members, including the legendary
Dr T. - come back and join with us in looping next week in the Far East

I'll be back, folks were very nice and complementary about my
microtonal gtr playing. I think I'll also bring my fretless gtr.,
but not my POD. Maybe I'll drop kick it off of my balcony
in the morning. Next week I'll be using a tube pre amp!

* David Beardsley
* http://biink.com
* http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley