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Re: Loopstock Directions

> At 3:54 PM -0500 2/23/02, Scott McGregor Moore wrote:
> >Ironically Doug - your own URLs didn't make clickable links for me
> >when I received this e-mail. (using Outlook Express on a PC)
> All of the URLs in Doug's messages work when I read them in Eudora on 
>the Mac.
> Must be an Outlook issue.

Yes - It must be an Outlook issue. I may switch to Eudora some day
but I'm wary of losing or corrupting my folders with my e-mail lists of
subscribers for dreamSTATE and The Ambient Ping newsletters.

BTW - I think most of the 'junk HTML' came from including the original
e-mail in my reply, as I keep HTML turned off but allow it in quoted 
Looks like it's time to turn that off too. Sorry for the bandwidth and 
all... :-(
and hope at least *my* links are working. ;-) 

(Most links I receive on this list work just fine BTW.)

Just to steer back on topic - sure wish I could be experiencing these 
East and West coast looping nights to hear what you're all like in action.
I am lucky to have Andrew Aldridge's Planet Of The Loops based here
in Toronto and playing the Ping every 2nd month, plus half the ambient
musicians in town are loopers - but it's always great to see/hear people
that you talk/correspond with, when they walk the walk.

Scott M2