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Re: Loopstock Directions

And since Outlook Express doesn't actually adhere to internationally
established HTML standards, from this end, your messages appear blank.
Then, when I hit "Blah blah blah" to expand them, I get:

><x-html><!x-stuff-for-pete base="" src="" id="0"><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC
>"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
><META content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" http-equiv=Content-Type>
><META content="MSHTML 5.00.3314.2100" name=GENERATOR>
><BODY bgColor=#ffffff>
><DIV><FONT size=2>Ironically Doug - your own URLs didn't make clickable 
>for me</FONT></DIV>
><DIV><FONT size=2>when I received this e-mail. (using Outlook Express on a
><DIV><FONT size=2>You may need to tweak something yourself - especially
><DIV><FONT size=2>youre using a Mac - as several "modern e-mail program"s
><DIV><FONT size=2>easily and universally translate into 
><DIV>Cheers,<BR>Scott M2</DIV>
>style="BORDER-LEFT: #000000 2px solid; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-RIGHT:
>  <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">----- Original Message ----- </DIV>
>  <DIV
>  style="BACKGROUND: #e4e4e4; FONT: 10pt arial; font-color:
>  <A href="mailto:dmiller3@columbus.rr.com"
>  Miller</A> </DIV>
>  <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"><B>To:</B> <A
>  href="mailto:Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com"
>  </DIV>
>  <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"><B>Sent:</B> Saturday, 23 February, 2002 
>  PM</DIV>
>  <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"><B>Subject:</B> Re: Loopstock 
>  <DIV><BR></DIV>Anyone cool enough to be a looper must use a "modern 
>  program", so that was assumed.<BR><BR>
>    <BLOCKQUOTE>Here's a clue: If you put "http://" in front of your web
>      addresses in your<BR>e-mails, they become clickable links right in 
>      e-mail message!!!<BR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR>You forgot to add: In MOST 
>    email programs.<BR></BLOCKQUOTE><?fontfamily><?param
>  Miller</B><BR>Graphic

Maybe it's just me, but I'd never publicly release HTML that did a
<DIV><FONT size=2> preceding every single line ...  Who is this idiot
"pete" that such kludgey stuff is for?
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