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Re: Loopstock Directions

Ironically Doug - your own URLs didn't make clickable links for me
when I received this e-mail. (using Outlook Express on a PC)
You may need to tweak something yourself - especially if
youre using a Mac - as several "modern e-mail program"s don't
easily and universally translate into links.
Scott M2
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Sent: Saturday, 23 February, 2002 2:58 PM
Subject: Re: Loopstock Directions

Anyone cool enough to be a looper must use a "modern e-mail program", so that was assumed.

Here's a clue: If you put "http://" in front of your web addresses in your
e-mails, they become clickable links right in the e-mail message!!!

You forgot to add: In MOST modern email programs.
Doug Miller
Graphic Designer