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I had my very first LOOPING gig this past Thursday!

And well.......

I feel really good about how I played and the manager of the venue seemed very happy with my performance! We had NO financial agreements, and he handed me way more money that i even could have ever expected...

There was a very low turn out for the show, however...

Monday "Fishbone" played, and Tuesday "Banyan" played (Mike Watt / Steven Perkins) So by the time my Thursday came... I think the people who would have dug it, were broke!

I looped improvised 9 string bass lines with drum machine tracks for 4 hours, and I definitely ran dry of ideas on a couple of occasions...

But the Zebra was packed with members of K. C. the whole night! LOL (That would mean only the guitarist & drummer of my main hometown project... "Kickstart Chubby")

Donald (guitar) said, "Hey Lenny, this is just like practice ... we get to sit around for a few hours and listen to Greg play with looping his bass and his drum machine!"

I had no way to record my first ever show and was very disappointed ... and then, low and behold the sound man handed me a DAT tape at the end of the show of the entire nights performance!

I can't wait to do it again!

Gregory Bruce Campbell
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