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Re: plex repeater rig..

>While the switchblade looks sweet, I couldn't justify
>the price at the moment, so bought a 1U patchbay.

Neat!  This is just about exactly the setup I've been using for about 6 
months now.  I've got a 1402 mixer and an 8u rack with EDP, repeater, 
filterfactory, and a patchbay.  I origionally thought that the patchbay 
combined with mute, aux sends, pre/post sends, etc. would give me ultimate 
on-the-fly flexibility to my signal chain.  While in theory it does, I've 
found that it isn't exactly on-the-fly.  I found that I spent a lot of 
futzing with patch cables when I should have been playing my instrument:)  
Half the time, I'd finish a rather complex patch setup and nothing would 
work because I'd forgotten to mute a certain channel, or what have you.  
That takes away from the mating dance somewhat:)

What this setup really gives me, is the freedom to invent signal paths and 
quickly try new things in my free time (Ha Ha: free time?).  I've found 
I usually settle on one of two signal paths, and so now I've adjusted my 
setup to "patch" between these two really easily.  Anyway, my advise is, 
expect this thing to be incremental and treat the patchbay as a tool for 
exploring your options.  Have fun!

One other thing.  I've been trying to figure out how I can hook up the EDP 
and repeater such that I can command one to sync from the other, OR 
vice-versa easily.  In theory, I'm hoping I can hook up the EDP Out to the 
Repeater In, and the repeater out to the EDP in.  Then by toggling the EDP 
sync in/out and the repeater's user/midi mode I should be able to do this, 
no?  Anyone?  How about a way to do that and still get a midi control 
to the EDP/repeater?


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