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RE: for what it's worth

Title: for what it's worth
OK, here's the official line:
Gibson has shut down manufacturing at the Trace site and have made all but two staff redundant, Clive MD & Colin FD. My college from the R&D dept, Paul Stevens has been re-employed by Gibson to carry on designing Gibson Guitar products and help set up a manufacturing facility in the US.
The reason for this is that the 110,000 sq foot factory has continued to loose money due to vast overheads, despite a healthy order-book and many world-class products. Trace Elliot has started to trade again and in a short time, the best products will be available again. I am now working for a group of companies under the 'Straightedge' parent, based near to the Trace factory in Essex. We sub-contract manufacture for many well-known amplifier/PA companies and are in negotiations with Gibson regarding manufacture of various products. We have already re-employed most of the Trace staff but I can't say any more on the subject until signatures and dotted lines are involved.
Needless to say, there will be no problem with continued manufacture, supply and support for the Echoplex. I am still working closely with Matthias on Loop4 beta testing and the change in circumstance has not interrupted software or hardware development.
Gibson have invested loads of money and time in recent months on the Echoplex and the guy in charge of such matters, Kevin Van Pamel, is an EDP user himself. There is a new website and a CE-Approved product awaiting manufacture and I shall be heavily involved with future plans.
I will post more news as I get it,
Andy Ewen (ex-Trace Elliot R&D Manager)
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What would this mean for the echoplex? You reckon we could shift them to kurzweil salesmen for 3 grand on ebay again? :>
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i picked this up off of a bass e-mail list that i'm on.

don't know if it's true or not, but i thought it may be of interest to this list.

grain of salt i suppose . . .

>I've just spoken my my Trace supplier in the UK, electro-music in Doncaster,
very nice company to deal with, who have said that Gibson have pulled the plug
on Trace and they have now ceased trading. Gibson have truly given them their
legendry kiss of death. The Trace service centre had been seperated into a
stand alone company which is still going so there is no problems with support
(who really are first rate) with legacy Trace gear. I can't help but feel that
Gibson have messed with Trace's supply in the US & UK, run up a huge loss and
then had to axe it (no surprise if they can't shift the gear!).<


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