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RS 10 ->Patchmate->Repeater->Echoplex

On the subject of midi pedals and combining the Repeater & Echoplex
I have found myself in quite a quandary:

I use a Bradshaw RS10 midi pedal to control my guitar rig which consists
of a Rocktron Patchmate to switch pedals in and out and a TC 2290 for
I have been using a Echoplex for a few months now but controlling it via
the footpedal not midi. Recently I purchased a Repeater to handle all of
my Percussive loops and I want to control it using the RS10, but having
much trouble.

Current Signal Chain:
RS10 -> Patchmate Midi In 
Patchmate Midi Thru/Out -> TC 2290 Midi In
TC 2290 Midi Thru -> Repeater Midi in
Repeater Midi Out -> Echoplex Midi In(To sync the two loops)

I matched the midi channels on the RS10 with the Repeater and did get it
to receive signals at least the midi light would light up but no action
would take place. Not sure if any one on the list is familiar with the
RS10 but at least I don't find it the easiest to program. The other
thing that is frightening me is syncing the Repeater to the Echoplex but
one thing at a time right. I just want to get the RS10 to be able to
make the Repeater record, mute, undo, overdub for now.

Any help is much, much appreciated!
Kevin McPeak

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Subject: plex repeater rig..

i'm going to do a few concerts with phil keaggy (i'll post details
and i'm going to re-wire my rack. for the first time i'll have the
option of
having both the repeater and the plex in the rack ( the plex just back
the repair shop after almost a year there....)

anyone want to share their set-up using both?

i'm planning on going into the plex (post pedal board) and into the
then into the repeater using two stereo pairs of channels... into the
tweed vibrolux amps....