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RE: PMC10 "Long press" - and a EDP and Repeater example.

>  > From: Neil Goldstein [mailto:ngold@attbi.com]
>>  > String A contains: CC 38, value 64
>>  > String B contains: CC 38, value 0
>>  > Pedal configured as: Momentary (String A is sent on the pedal down,
>>  > string B on the pedaul up actions)
>>  How is that this mimics a long press?
>You press the pedal, hold it for as long as you like, then release it.
>It's identical to using the EDP foot controller where a long press (i.e.
>1 or 2 secs.) of the Record button will actually erase the loop.

thats it!
long press time is 450ms
in Loop4, there is a DirectMIDIcommand for Reset, so you dont need 
the longpress - but you need a separate button, the whole system with 
the longpress and crossfunctions is made to be able to directly call 
as many functions as possible with a reasonable amount of buttons.
(if you think about it, its not easy, since the longpress function 
can only be a modification of the shortpress, which always happens 

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