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RE: echoplex question

Not to be contrary (no, really) but there is an easy way to do this with a
MIDI pedal.  End the loop with a message containing info to turn on overdub
and turn down the feedback all the way.  Then end the second pass with a
message containing info to turn off overdub and turn up the feedback all 
way.  Purty elegant and it achieves the desired effect--great for recording
a melody, then chords, and then just chords over which to solo yer brains
out (use caution: results are more interesting to the player than the
listening party).
PS  Have I mentioned recently that my looper can kick your looper's butt up
and down the street?
PPS  I still want a Repeater.

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> i have been asking around, and i have heard that the
> echoplex can do this.  i searched for some information
> on the echoplex, but couldn't find much.  can anyone
> confirm that the echoplex can do this?  also, what
> else can the echoplex handle?  is there anywhere that
> i can read more about the echoplex?  and when
> purchasing this kind of a unit, do i need to purchase
> a floor board for it as well (i plan to do all of my
> looping in a live situation).

The echoplex >can't< do this. It can do a lot of other cool things, but it
is a single, mono track machine. You can have more than one loop, but not 
the same time. The repeater can, however.



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