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Re: patching/effects loop query

hmmmm... I am not totally familar with every piece of your gear (but there 
is certain lust factor for edp/eventide...even the almebic pre...). Is you 
signal source a bass?
I have found in my setup, which is indeed less complex than your own, that 
each processor/looper works best in a aux loop.  This allows for optimum 
level and headroom, as well as balancing the intos and outzas.
I use a simple Raven Labs MDB1 3 channel mixer/DI for one aux send loop, 
a Raven Labs PHA1 pre for the other (one being my fx and the other being 
JamMan) any sundry pedals, such as a DL4 goes before the pre.
Since you have an edp, filterbank and Eventide, you may want to look into 
some kind of small mixer which would allow for at least 3 aux 
sends/returns...preferably more. With enough channels in the mixer you 
return each to a seperate channel allowing for further routing and/or 
re-processing.  I believe recently Bill Walker posted about his doing such 
with a small Mackie mixer and his Repeater.
Running processors in line is always a risk, and your sound quality is 
compromised.  A parallel aux loop (for each processor) would be ideal.
for what it's worth....

>>hi.  sorry if this is just a tad off-topic...please pardon...
>i'm just about to finish my new rack system and i need a few suggestions 
>patching.  as of right now, my setup is as follows:
>pre --> eq --> edp --> sherman filterbank --> eventide --> poweramp
>and i'm having to turn the preamp down and the edp input way down to keep
>from clipping within the edp.  there's no dedicated effects loop with the
>preamp (older alembic f2-b), so i need some suggestions.  i'll be 
>s.s. switchblade 8b to use as a matrix but should i get some sort of 
>loop piece to eliminate my current linear setup?  as of right now, my
>poweramp is the only source of volume change that i can use without 
>something somewhere and i'd like total control from the preamp.
>any suggestions are very much appreciated.
>thanks in advance.

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