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echoplex question


i just joined this list and i have been looking into
looping/samplers for a little while and ended up
getting a boss rc-20 loop station recently.  after
reading the manual and playing with the unit, it seems
that it can't handle the main thing that i am seeking
out of a looping device:  the ability to create a loop
and then record another loop on top of that and then
remove the original loop without losing the new loop.

i have been asking around, and i have heard that the
echoplex can do this.  i searched for some information
on the echoplex, but couldn't find much.  can anyone
confirm that the echoplex can do this?  also, what
else can the echoplex handle?  is there anywhere that
i can read more about the echoplex?  and when
purchasing this kind of a unit, do i need to purchase
a floor board for it as well (i plan to do all of my
looping in a live situation).  

please email me any replies to evanmeyers@yahoo.com (i
haven't received anything from the list yet).

thanks for any and all help!
e va n

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