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Another review (maybe THIS will be the last one).

Hi there!

Well, there seems to be a new review of "Flux Aeterna" up on the web. 
Go to http://www.aural-innovations.com/issues/issue18/tkillian.html
or read below. I must say, it's outrageously, embarrassingly positive. 
I'd sort of figured that this review thing had nearly run it's course . . 
but maybe not. Geeeez. Please forgive me for sending in another one.


Ted Killian

Ted Killian - "Flux Aeterna" 
(pfMENTUM 2001, PFMCD007) 

>From Aural Innovations #18 (January 2002) 

Imagine Robert Fripp, David Torn, Steve Tibbetts, and Jimi Hendrix 
at their wildest, and add heavy doses of electronics and space 
Kosmiche, and you've something like Flux Aeterna by Oregon 
based guitarist Ted Killian. Killian plays electric and acoustic 
guitars, samples, loads of creative loop work, and sound design 
to create a ripping set of guitar excursions and pyrotechnics that 
meld numerous recognizable influences into something decidedly 
Killianesque. I gather by "sound design" that Killian is using loads 
of guitar efx, perhaps even some electronic gear. The ambient 
element is prominent throughout the CD's 10 tracks, but over the 
ambience is a man seemingly possessed, wrenching piercing, 
noisy, throbbing... you name it... notes from his guitar. 

"Hubble" opens the set as a kind of Hendrix Star Spangled Banner 
type tune backed by low drones and subtle percussive sounds. 
"Leaving Medford" is a combination rock concert shred solo, 
psychedelic freakout, and ambient David Torn styled excursion. 
Killian keeps the piece busily exciting as he kicks out wailing 
and rumbling runs and anguished notes, yet the sonic attack 
has an element of restraint from the ambient backdrop and 
slowly pulsating electronic sounds. A well crafted piece that 
blends killer playing with Killian's frenetic sound designs. 
"Cauterant Baptism" features ripping spaced out rock solos 
backed by repetitive Dubby/hip-hoppy rhythms and intense l
ooped bits. "Last Sparrow" includes strong Frippoid guitarscape 
influences but backed by mechanical minimalist patterns. 
"Recurvate Plaint" is an acoustic and electric guitar duo piece 
that starts off easy-paced but the electric guitar solos soon start 
to shred a bit with sharp attacks that contrast in a strange but 
cooperative way with the laid back acoustic guitar. "Convocation 
Solitaire" is similar but far more ambient, conjuring up images 
of John Fahey teamed up with David Torn. "Gravity Suspended" 
is like a noisier version of something from Torn's Cloud About 
Mercury. And "Nocturnal Interstices" is an ambient tune featuring 
looped Fripp styled guitarscapes placed against a seaside setting 
of rushing ocean waves. 

And there's plenty more. In some ways I'm reminded of a modern 
version of Steve Tibbetts first two albums. Or Fripp gone totally acid 
cosmic. King Crimson for space rock fans? In any event, this is one 
exciting as hell album that fans of creatively aggressive guitar work 
will love. Killian goes nuts on the loops and efx, but all throughout 
the album it's crystal clear that the man can PLAY. Highly recommended. 

For more information you can visit the pfMENTUM web site at: 

You'll find loads of sound samples at Ted's Mp3.com web site at: 

Contact via snail mail c/o pfMENTUM, PO Box 1653, Ventura, CA 93002. 

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz 

     [Note from the reviewee: Actually what this guy hears as "wave" 
     sounds is a little rain, a bit of distant thunder and cars passing on 
     a wet Medford street (going back and forth across the stereo field). 
     It's one of my favorite "canned" ambient sample loops. Oh well . . . 
     waves are okay too I guess.] :-)>