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Re: EDP: Visual Feedback feedback


this will be in the upcomming LD4 soft (0-127) and exactly as you


Greg S wrote:
> ... Or "how can I tell what feedback setting my EDP is at when using a
> volume pedal?"
> Yes, the first answer is "Get used to your volume pedal".  But for those
> of us that grew up driving in Detroit, your foot is permanantly
> programmed to press all the way, or not at all, and developing a finer
> sense of control without a visual queue is difficult. (whaaa...
> whine...)
> So Kim/Matthias, how difficult would it be, one day, to have the EDP
> display the feedback setting on the front panel while it's being
> adjusted -- and then return to normal display when it's not?  Display
> could read the midi setting (0 - 127) or a simple percentage.
> Actually this goes for the Repeater too, but I'm pretty sure they've
> stopped paying attention to the list for the most part.