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Re: My firstest online example.

On 2/20/02 6:07 PM, "Dave Trenkel" <improv@peak.org> wrote:

>>     http://www.feenomenal.com/dbtr.html

> Hey, nice stuff! It's cool to see looping integrated so cleanly into
> a song format (and I think Neil might even approve, though the
> boomerang is digital :-). Are you getting the "filter sweep" sound by
> tweaking the EQ on your guitar? Cool effect!

    Actually I'm using the volume on my acoustic guitar and a Morley wah
pedal.  =)  I'm glad you like it ... I definitely battled for several 
with the sound quality of the boomerang, to the point that I was about to
sell it on ebay, until I stopped using the settings on the input switch for
their intended purposes.  I think I get the best sound quality when I set 
to "line input" instead of "instrument" (the obvious choice for my acoustic
guitar) or something like that.  I forget what the actual setting was.  But
anyway, since then I've had much better success -- loops don't degenerate
into distortion anymore.  =)  And I'm much less afraid to use it for fear
something ugly might happen (like I throw it against a wall).  ;)

Stan said:

> i concur-to boldly go where few men dare:in front of a crowd w/ nothin 
>but a
> smile,a guitar,a boomer and a whole lotta cajones. goodonya my man.
> and n.young wouldnt mind digital-he releases cds doesnt he ;-)

    =)  Thanks ...


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