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Re: OT: cdbaby,cdstreet, ...

Both cdbaby and cdstreet are great -- excellent service, prompt and
accurate accounting/payment to artists.  They're both run by people who
are genuinely interested in independent music, and go out of their way
to facilitate opportunities for indie musicians.  

cdstreet gives a higher cut to the artist, but cdbaby has a much higher
profile and seems to generate more business (they recently passed the
$1,000,000 mark for money paid out to artists over the last few years). 
I use them both.

Don't know much about anything European... Rusty Robot is the only one
that comes to mind (and they're well worth looking into.)

Avoid The Orchard at all costs, though!

--Andre LaFosse

"Ral Bonell" wrote:
> hi fellows
> are there similar on-line stores
> europe based ?
> any experience with this kind
> of business ?
> cheers,
> ral
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