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Since I use the moniker,   Loop.pooL,   I'm particularly interested in this
looped time phenomena today:

At 8:02 p.m., it will be

20:02 20/02/2002

>From what I've read, this large of a palindromic time event will NEVER 
again mathematically (of course, I'm sure Richard Zvonar will figure it out
if the mathematicians are wrong ;-).

In honor of this,   I will compose a piece of loop based music this evening
(beginning at 8:02  PST) that will use a palindromic rhythm (like Cascara,
the Cuban rhythm that is at the heart of Rumba which, represented
graphically looks like this:


where X =  16th notes
           *  =  16th rests

When the short piece is finished, I will copy it, reverse the copy and
append it to the original piece so that the entire piece will be a virtual
loop based palindrome.

If it doesn't suck,  I'll put it on my 2nd Loop.pooL CD which should be
released by the late summer of this year  (I have a live CD which I was
hoping to be finished by the
LoopStock Festival coming up but my main computer C drive crashed and I am
having a hell of a hard time installing WIN 98 on it (It's a Dell and used
WIN ME, the worst operating system for music possible.......thank you Bill
Gates :-(

Wish me luck,    yours,     Rick Walker (loop.pool)