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RE: PMC10 "Long press" - and a EDP and Repeater example.

> From: Neil Goldstein [mailto:ngold@attbi.com] 
> > String A contains: CC 38, value 64
> > String B contains: CC 38, value 0
> > Pedal configured as: Momentary (String A is sent on the pedal down, 
> > string B on the pedaul up actions)
> How is that this mimics a long press? 

You press the pedal, hold it for as long as you like, then release it.
It's identical to using the EDP foot controller where a long press (i.e.
1 or 2 secs.) of the Record button will actually erase the loop.  Think:
playing a keyboard -- one MIDI string is sent when a key is pressed
(Note on), and one when the key is released (Note off, or Note on w/ 0
velocity, etc.).

In fact, given this, the PMC10 can be an input device for a synth module
-- just not touch sensitive.

> Not an answer but FWIW: If you have Repeater in Midi mode and 
> slaved it will play as soon as you switch loops. 

Thanks!  I haven't started slaving my Repeater from my EDP yet.
Typically I use one or the other.  Configuring my PMC10 for both turns
into a more of a tap dance of pedals and my mind focuses more on "Pedal
A in bank 'x' does what again?" and less on playing the music.  But
that's a personal problem....