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Fwd: LOOP-NY, new visions loop instruments, && Steve Sandberg performing


>A really good MIDI looper could do so much. After all, the data rates are 
>lot smaller than the rates for audio. Some of the things I would like in a
>good MIDI looper include:

>* Options like on the Echoplex for multiply, replace, and insert.

>* I'd like to be able to do note erasing.

>* I'd like to be able to have multiple tracks and mute/erase tracks
>essentially as the equivalent to passes through the loop.

>* I'd like to be able to record phrases live and then fly them in on 
>Sort of a: "Hey, I liked that addition to the loop but I don't want to 
>it every time. Give me a way to trigger it when I do want it."

>An audio looper provides an expensive way to do some but not all of this.
>I've used my MC-505 with some success to try playing with having multiple
>tracks but it's non-ideal. So, far I've resisted having my computer 
>in my music "studio" because amongst other things I don't want to mess 
>a keyboard or mouse while playing. If it were the only way to get a really
>good MIDI looper, I might reconsider.

i think you are onto something. MIDI (control source data) is a lot more 
malleable than audio data. a looper that did both audio & midi would be 

1) I am working on a portable blackbox audio/midi loop instrument that 
be ported between MAC-PC-LINUX. ideally a small linux box, which would get 
rid of the 'computer' vibe for all of you who resist the added gunkiness 
keyboard-mouse. couple to a footcontroller bank and you have powwa. (or a 
fun toy at least)


If EDP is 'row-row-row-your-boat', this would be 'toccata & fugue'.. 
building on the idea of live sample and retriggering, and live modular 
structure building.. build up a phrase, which itself becomes a note for 
triggering. modulations to the core phrases also modulate phrases built 
those phrases.. all spontaneous.

2) im very interested in building community around trance inducing music. 
not the style 'trance', but the way in which the musician enters the 
and opens the doorway for music to flow. and to create tools that help the 
musician unfold music from that trance state. it is a merging of the 
proverbial two hats: 'engineer' & 'improviser'.

im gonna be in NYC for the open-looping fest at Chama on saturday. anyone 
who wants to talk about their process for creating music, and how the 
could evolve to better suit their visions, i would love to talk to y'all 
about that. then i could incorporate your ideas into these designs.

2 identify (indemnify) me:
i'll be wearing my bluegray sheepwool hat, and a little red button that 
'repeal inhibition'.

3) my friend steve sandberg is performing at meowmix on sunday. he is a 
great improviser, channeler, and songwriter, and incorporates two EDPs in 
his set, along with two funky vl70 wind synths, his voice, bells, etc... 
he'll be performing alongside dragqueen yolanda and others.. Here it is:

Yolandaworld Presents:
Meow Men@Meow Mix
Fresh, Cunning, and Possibly Catty Music Night.
Yolanda and the Plastic Family
Steve Sandberg
Mr. Vivo

Sun. Feb 24, 8-midnight $5 Meow Mix
MEOW MIX is located at 269 E. Houston Street @Suffolk
(between Aves. A-B) in Manhattan's East Village, New York City.
Subway:  train to 2nd Ave. www.meowmixchix.com

YOLANDA -Radical Faerie, Drag Queen, Singer Songwriter organizes a unique
night of exciting new music at Meow Mix !

8pm: Mr. Vivo:
'Mr. Vivo showcases music which combines Pedro Giraudo's loves of jazz,
tango, and Argentine folk music. These compositions fill the ears with
color, alternately intimate and exuberant, harmonically and rhythmically
rich, yet completely accessible. In addition, it highlights the improvising
talents of the young band of musicians that make up Mr. Vivo.'

9pm: Steve Sandberg:
Steve Sandberg --  looping-electronica-raga-shamanistic music.
Steve overdubs live vocals, wind synthesizer and spoken word in a style
influenced by Indian raga, trance textures and house music..  His
performances are a shamanistic journey combining improvised instrumental
pieces and original songs about spirituality and sexuality. Steve has 
with David Byrne, Bebel Gilberto and Ruben Blades.  His shows have been
described as "music from a country I've never been to but always wanted to

10pm: Yolanda and the Plastic Family- drag queen jazz spiced soul pop :
"...an artist with considerably broad appeal...most intriguing performer
since RuPaul...a sincere drag queen with a rich baritone voice."- Larry
Flick , Billboard

"Scintillating, intriguing, provocative... Yolanda is all of these. Yolanda
is a drag queen with a special talent for singing and songwriting. Through
his lyrics and music he shows to be a proud, loving, sensual, sensitive 
Songs with real moxy are sprinkled with ballads that highlight his 
voice." - Carol Tamburo Big Heavy World, Burlington, VT

more info: www.yolanda.net  yolanda@yolanda.net  212-981-9373

oh, and im still on the hunt for contract work. here is the portfolio 

lots o' love

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