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Re: PMC10 "Long press" - and a EDP and Repeater example.

someone suggested i buy a repeater!

well, too late, i already did.  my dumb questions regarding tempo 
lock were due to that i'm still learning the darn thing, and that 
it's currently not in my studio.

so, apologies for the stupid inquiries...

but this...this i have had some experience with:

>I'm not sure if the Repeater can jump
>to loop 'x' in the middle of playing loop 'y' which the EDP can do just
>fine if you want it to.

using the rptr with the behringer pedal.  i have one pedal for loop 
select up and another for loop select down.  if you select the next 
loop, and hit play, it will wait until the current loop is finished. 
if you select the next loop, hit play, then play again before the 
current loop is finished, yes, it will jump directly to it upon the 
second press.

now...how do you lock that tempo thing, again?  some sort of button? 
duh? you mean there's a button called 'tempo lock'?  jeepers!   :)