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PMC10 "Long press" - and a EDP and Repeater example.

> Specifically what do you program in the PMC10 'pedal up' 
> action to make it mimic the long press?

String A contains: CC 38, value 64
String B contains: CC 38, value 0
Pedal configured as: Momentary (String A is sent on the pedal down,
string B on the pedaul up actions)

I also use this with the Repeater when selecting loops.  The pedal down
selects the loop, but -- unlike the EDP unfortunately -- cannot
immediately start playing that loop until it's finished loading in
memory, which takes 1/2 a second or so.  So, I select the loop on the
pedal down (String A), hold it until the Repeater has loaded the loop
(indicated by a few dots under the loop number) then I release the pedal
sending String B - a "play" command.  If anyone can figure out a way to
do this without 2 actions, let me know.  Not sure why the Repeater can't
buffer the midi commands until it's ready to consume them...

For those inquiring minds with a Repeater and PMC10: select and play
loop 2
String A: prog change 49 (select loop '2 from memory)
String B: CC 85, value 127 (play -- could also do record)
Pedal type: Momentary

E.g. You're in loop 1, you press the pedal until loop '2 is loaded (dots
appear on the screen), you release the pedal, and as soon as loop 1 is
done, loop '2 will start.  This is functionally identical to moving
between 2 loops on the EDP with Quantize on (i.e. finish the current
loop before jumping to the next).  I'm not sure if the Repeater can jump
to loop 'x' in the middle of playing loop 'y' which the EDP can do just
fine if you want it to.