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RE: A New EDP Bein' Born(sysex) - Midi Pedals again...

  From what I can tell in the manual, yes. I just got it and haven't yet 
set it
up with my Repeater. Can anyone else confirm this actually works this way?
On 2/20/02 at 12:27 PM, g716_loop@hotmail.com (Greg S) wrote:

> Does the Behringer support pedal "up" actions?  That is, to control the
> EDP's record I use a PMC 10 where the "pedal down" action sends a CC as
> well as the "pedal up" -- thereby mimicking a long press to erase a
> loop, etc.
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Greg Kucharo [mailto:telecaster@mac.com] 
> > 
> >  Having just purchased the Behringer FCB1010, it appears that 
> > sysex is supported, but I can't tell yet how flexible user 
> > defined sysex is.  The pedal is a good deal as far as MIDI 
> > controller pedals go.
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