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RE: EDP-Repeater sync (EDP clock calculation)

At 08:09 AM 2/20/2002, Matthias Grob wrote:
>Jon Wagner brings up:
>>>>  One thing to be careful of in my experience:  Make sure that 
>>>> is set up correctly before you make a loop in the EDP. If you have it 
>>>> set up to 24 8ths/beat and make a really short loop, repeater goes 
>>>> crazy and screws up the sync from there on. The only fix I've found 
>>>> a power cycle of the repeater.
>Matthias doubts:
>>Or the same question rephrased, what is "too fast" in beats-per-minute?
>I dont want to charge the line more than 5%, which is about 1 clock / 6ms
>-> minimum 6*12 = 72ms/8th
>At 8 8th/beat, you get 96 clocks/beat -> minimum cycle time of 72*96 = 
>I understand a beat as a quarter note, so we get 144ms/beat
>-> 1000/144 = 6,93 beats/sec = 416 BPM
>Is that too much for the repeater?

yes. For some reason the top tempo limit on the Repeater is 240 BPM. I 
guess that is because they were coming from a dance music perspective 
music is never faster than that. Personally, having played a lot of jazz 
the past, I've seen/played a lot of music that was as fast as 300 BPM so 
that aspect of the repeater seems like a minor limitation to me.


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