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Double neck


I just read some people are interested in double neck guitars.
I use one at this time. It's custom made by Paul Doyle in Galway (Ireland)
It's a design of mine. The bottom neck is fretless and has 10 strings.
5 pairs of double strings and is tuned in 5 th's like a cello.
The upper neck is normal guitar tuning with some extra bass strings. Low D 
C and B. The guitar itself is acoustic.
I know it's difficult to find some already made guitars.
I think the best way is to have it built by people who like to experiment.
There's a picture of it at our website: www.troissoeur.com
Look at the item "about Troissoeur"
In fact it's true that those guitars are so heavy. I always sit down, it's
Just too heavy.
If someone have questions about this go ahead.
My email is info@troissoeur.com