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RE: A New EDP Bein' Born(sysex)

Kim spake:
> one way is sysex control of individual parameters. If your pedal can't 
>  =20
>  that it's lame, get a real pedal. sysex is the most flexible approach.

Andy asked:

Anyone recommend a pedal that sends sysex??

Gary opined:
Gotta be the PMC-10 by Digitech--discontinued but highly prized!  There is 
free editor by list member Sean Echevarria called Raymond that makes this
pedal incredibly flexible!  (OK, gotta watch those exclamations--keep calm)
There is also the Lake Butler Mitigator--also discontinued.  Mine needs a
battery but I'm not using it 'cause the PMC is so very cool, although Dr.
Richard prefers this one to the PMC.
I don't know if the Roland sends sysx--does the Behringer?  Ground Control
sure doesn't  . . .
I just sent an email to Mario Marino, who has a company called Axess
Electronics (www.axess-electronics.com) that is planning a foot controller
(http://www.axess-electronics.com/products.htm) but isn't even sure he's
going to support note stuff--let's all bug him to death to make this thing
the rightful successor to the PMC!!! (or not--but I'd probably buy
one--check out those switches--makes my PMC look like the accident waiting
to happen that it is . . .)
But the Peavey PC1600x will do this if you trigger it from a pedal that
sends program changes--that's what DT's using (and others too--Claude
Voit--anybody else?)--so maybe that's the way to go . . .