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Loop NY-23.2.02

hello one and all-

looks like I will be taking part in the nyc open loop event/series at Chama
this Sat. 23, Feb. 2002 at 332 East 4th st. betwixt aves. C/D in Loisada,
NYC.. Tom Ritchford is running the series as some of ya'll may have read in
previous posts.
the series on Sat will be from 1-7 p.m. not sure when i'll be doing my 
but will advise.
I play guitar and loop rather aggressively sans midi in real time.
I believe David Beardsley of the LD will also be doing his music. So if 
of you fine folks would like to come out and hear some of my music, jot 
bugger down on your cals. and i'll advise of when i'll be strummin'.
best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002