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Loops Talk

Dear Loopers,

Both Matthias Grob and Tom Heasley have confirmed their appearances at
Loopstock!  Here's the final lineup of performers, and a tentative 

2:00-2:30  Set-up and socialize
2:40-3:10  Stanitarium (Stan Card)
3:20-3:50  Steven Rice
4:00-4:30  Mark Hamburg
4:40-5:10  Sleeping (Mark Sottilaro, Valerie Hilligan & Katrin Schenk)
5:20-5:50  Jon Wagner
6:00-6:30  Matthias Grob
6:30-7:00  Break
7:00-7:30  Rich Atkinson & Cliff Novey 
7:40-8:10  Max Valentino
8:20-8:50  Dr. Richard Zvonar
9:00-9:30  Rick Walker's Loop.pooL
9:40-10:10  Ted Killian w/ Dr. Bob Sterling
10:20-10:50  Tom Heasley
11:00-11:30  Bill Walker
11:40-12:10  armatronix (Hans Lindauer & Daniel Seymour)

I hope nobody's feelings are hurt.  I've done my best to simultaneously 
requests, match the performers' sonic palettes to the sound systems, and 
to keep
as much variety as possible between performances, while trying to give the 
accomplished performers the best slots.  If you feel that I've failed 
or done anyone a grave injustice, please let's try to work it out now.  
I'll be
willing to rearrange things a little bit for performers wishing to do duos 
part of their sets, like Jon and Matthias are.

In case you've missed the messages on LD, I've made the decision to scrap 
idea of having everyone set up in the beginning, in favor of having two 
at opposite ends of the room; to quote Mr. Sottilaro, 'An "on" stage, and 
an "on
deck" stage.  That way, while act "a" [is] playing, act "b" [can] be 
up.'  I feel that this will offer the best flow and the shortest downtime. 
Performers needing more than 30 minutes of setup time for wiring,
troubleshooting, etc. should start their setup early.

You will notice that I've scheduled ten minutes between performances.  This
gives us some time for discussion after each act, allows a quick sound 
check for
who's next, and gives us a little bit of a time buffer.

You will also notice that demos have disappeared from the schedule.  This 
is due
to time constraints, but you are welcome to share whatever knowledge you 
may in
the space between sets.  I have an idea that there will be plenty of gear 
between everybody at the festival, but if there's interest, we can 
this and hold a demo session in my home studio on Sunday morning (after
breakfast), since many of us will already be there anyway (and I want to 
see the
demos myself).

In case you want to call, I'm at (805)534-1009 most evenings.


-Hans Lindauer