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Re: Unidentified subject!

adam P wrote:

> A bit if short prose... INOVATIVE!
> Samuel Beckett: Stirrings Still, 2
> As one in his right mind when at last out again he knew not how he was 
> long out again when he began to wonder if he was in his right mind.  For
> could one not in his right mind be reasonably said to wonder if he was in
> his right mind and bring what is more his remains of reason to bear on 
> perplexity in the way he must be said to do if he is to be said at all?  
> was therefore in the guise of a more or less reasonable being that he
> emerged at last he know not how into the outer world and had not been 
> for more than six or seven hours by the clock when he could not but 
>begin to
> wonder if he was in his right mind.  By the same clock whose strokes were
> those heard times without number in his confinement as it struck the 
> and half hours and so in a sense at first a source of reassurance till
> finally one of alarm as being no clearer now than when in principle 
> by his four walls.
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ah, beckett (spoken over a waft of oban and havana cigar)...