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Re: Loopstock idea

Hi all (and especially Hans)

In a message dated 2/18/02 10:31:17 PM, sine@zerocrossing.net writes:

>As much as I like an open style of Loopstock, I hate being 
>pressured to set up super quickly (which always causes me 
>to misconnect something)

Yes! This is a concern of mine too. Though I do try to bundle most of my
cables into snakes (one for audio signals, one for power and all other 
connections) it still makes for a complicated setup (and double-checking 
is always a "must"). My worst gigging nightmares have always been 
technical snafus usually brought about by haste in the setup process.

I guess this is as good a time as any to provide my equipment list
to you Hans . . . sorry to be so late. None of it is too exotic though . . 

I will only be bringing 2 guitars . . . my usual Gibson RD Artist (which 
is pretty much "bastardized" in terms of how much modification it 
has undergone) and a Danelectro baritone that functions as a 
"backup/alternative" axe. Both have Roland hex pickups on them. 
>From there the signal path divides in a number of ways that 
(for economy) I will not outline here.

A list of the parts and pieces in the chain follows:

- Roland GR-1 Synth
- Sustainiac Model B
- Prescription Electronic Experience pedal
- Ernie Ball mono volume pedal
- 4 (four) EV-5 controller/expression pedals
- 3 Lexicon A/B dual stomp switches

IN THE RACK* (or sitting on top of it):
- Art SGX 2000 Express preamp/multi-effects
- 2 (two) Boss RPS-10 pitch-shifter delays
- Moogerfooger MF-102 ring modulator
- Boss SP-303 phrase sampler
- E-MU Proteus 3 World
- 2 (two) Lexicon Vortexes
- Rocktron G612 12-channel mini mixer
- 2 (two) Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pros
- Alesis Microverb III
- Aphex 104 Aural Exciter
- Marshall 8008 Valvestate power amp

*see attached JPEG

- 2 pairs (four, total) of Seymour Duncan guitar cabs
- 2 (two) generic folding amp stands

- Ebow Plus (the new 2-mode grey one with the cool blue light)
- Ebow (black one that replaced my old chrome one when it died)
- 3 (three) Ernie Ball "Picky Picks" metal finger picks (for first, middle 
and ring fingers)
- Jim Dunlop metal thumb pick

As anyone can see, nothing I use is all that exotic or strange. Most of it 
is pretty "old tech" really. I'd update more of it if I had the money . . 
the time it would take to re-learn any new piece of gear well enough to 
be comfortable with it in public.

Some things I sometimes use but will not bring to a 30-minute gig:

- Lakewood M-32 acoustic guitar (a $2500.00 guitar that is much too nice 
take on the road)
- "Seymourized" Cünbus (a Turkish mandolin/banjo)
- "Seymourized" Kalimba (African thumb piano)
- Yamaha DJX Keyboard (yep, it's the one with the cheesy canned hip-hop 
but it can sound pretty cool when distorted, EQed or otherwise "effected")
- Yamaha Bass (a "frankenstein" p-bass type I pretend to play)
- 2 (two) Casio DH-100 MIDI horns (I sometimes tape them together 
and play drones on one and melodies on the other)
- Akai S20 phrase sampler (my older "backup" sampler that takes 10 minutes 
load anything)
- StrumStick (3-stringed guitar-like instrument that looks like a boat 
and sounds like a cross between a banjo and a mountain dulcimer)
- Various mallets, metal rods, hacksaws, springs, compressed air 
(that I have been known for using/abusing guitars and other instruments 
from time to time)
- Beringer Blue Devil combo amp (I keep around for living-room practice).
- A small collection of Chinese "lion gong" cymbals
- Tiny, half size, student drum kit (upgraded with "pro" hardware . . . 
totally ridiculous but plays and samples rather well)

If I brought everything it'd take up too much room on the stage (and I'd 
get around to playing most of it in a mere 30 minutes anyway). I provided 
of the other silly list items for the curious few.

That is probably waaaaaay more info than you wanted Hans, I know. In terms 
of stage space I'll take up about the same amount of room as a modest drum 
kit. I sit on a bar stool between stacks of speakers with my rack and 
in front of me (and slightly off to the side). For the record, I tend to 
prefer to be on the left-hand side of the stage (from the audience's 
perspective) but it doesn't really matter all that much.

My drummer is definitely planning on coming now and is thinking about 
his whole electronic kit (Handsonic, Octapad, V-Drum kit, and Repeater). 
If you need us to plug into the PA we can still provide right and left 
pairs for each of us. But . . . I think we'll be plenty loud enough on our 
and won't need the reinforcement. I'd just as soon not worry (or bother) 
it anywho . . . [:-)>

Hope this helps.

Ted Killian