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Re: SV: A New EDP Bein' Born

At 11:51 PM 2/18/2002, Per Boysen wrote:
> > Från: Matthias Grob [mailto:matthias@grob.org]
> >>  > As if 8th/Cycle would be accessible via midi?
> >>>  (that's a no-brainer for my wish list ;-)
> >>
> >>You mean other than the current implementation?  Because all front 
> >>functions are accessable via MIDI.
> >>
> >>By adjusting the 8ths/beat (via front panel, custom footswitch, or 
> MIDI) you
> >>can adjust the rate at which the EDP emits MIDI sync pulses.
> > Thanks to Claude, in the upgrade, this 8th/beat change only happens
> > at the first loop end after you come back from parameter state. With
> > this, you dont jump arround timings and keep the beat one in relation
> > to the slaved sequencer.
> >>I understood that in the Update many of these parameters will have 
> dedicated
> >>midi cc #s...?
> >
> > uh, no, we thought that Sysex is more efficient!
> > --
>Do I get this right now? To be able to change 8th/cycle, while playing, 
>have to use a midi pedal board that is capable of sending sysex when a pad
>is pressed?
>(not the same as "doing a sysex dump of program parameters")

one way is sysex control of individual parameters. If your pedal can't do 
that it's lame, get a real pedal. sysex is the most flexible approach.

2nd way is using the new presets feature with a different setting in each 
one, then use midi program change commands to change it on the fly.

3rd is what you have already, use midi to virtually press the front panel 
buttons to edit a parameter. Kind of awkward, but you can sequence the 
presses to go quickly.


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