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Re: Re:EDP Undo everything

I did not quite understand how the Undo thread led William to ask:

>Now I'm new with Edp and looping but if you did these modifications
>would you be able to  brothersync an old EDP with new upgraded one using
>the same foot controler with short/long presses. Would one foot
>controller work both EDP'S? Bill/Las Vegas

usually we transfer the commands by MIDI to operate a stereo pair of 
EDPs with one pedal board.
Since we changed the sequence of the commands slightly, I would not 
recommend this between loop3 and loop4.

To split a pedal board to drive two EDPs simultaneously, it takes 
buffering (some pretty simple electronics...)

Or do you speak about using two EDPs independently, just brothered, 
as Mark Hamburg is talking about in "EDP Hardware" ?

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