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Loopstock idea

So, I've been doing some thinking as to how so many acts could go on in 
a short time period.  My idea would be to have two staging areas, probably
right next to each other.  An "on" stage, and an "on deck" stage.  That 
while act "a" was playing, act "b" could be setting up.  The success of 
would depend on the size and layout of the room.  Acts that had their own
small sound systems, could even set up tertiary mini stages in corners of
the room.  This way, there could be little or no dead air between acts.  
acts loop could even cross fade across the venue to another acts loop.
Lot's of possibilities for collaboration.  I, for one, would volunteer to
have a small PA (Some powered speakers and a Mackie 1202 mixer) which I've
found to be fine for medium/small rooms.

Mark Sottilaro